ChaosForge 2010, post-mortem, I'm not dead... yet

30 December 2010

This is the ghost of ChaosForge’s past writing, and take heed, for it’s a not a bright story indeed. It’s sad to write it, but 2010 wasn’t exactly the year of the ‘Forge. While we definitively were up to a good start, various personal reasons slowed development practically to a halt. However recently I have picked up the torch once again, and for the traditional next post about the next year, I’ll have some goodies to share… However now, lets take a look at things that happened this year…

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Doom, the Roguelike

There was a single release this year, what doesn’t make me exactly happy. The code went a lot of under-the-hood changes in preparation for the tiles version. I really hoped that I will be able to present you the graphical version this year, but failed to do so. Meeting Derek Yu in person however, gave me a motivational boost to get the thing rolling again, and while not yet in the speed that I’d like, things are moving forward — the inner circle of the ‘Forge already got a pre-alpha in their hands, and supporters should see it soon too!


A quick jump into the AliensRL codebase to bring it up to date resulted in a brand new version of it. AliensRL is easily the CF project with the biggest potential — it isn’t restricted by a game that it’s based on (like DiabloRL), nor a restrictive setting (DoomRL and Berserk!), hence could truly move towards a more mature and full of depth game. The 0.8 release is definitively not the last that you’ll hear about this roguelike!


Quite as a surprise for me, a mysterious girl appeared on the forums and brought with herself DiabloRL 0.4.3 . This brought enough boost for myself to also commit a little time to our old roguelike friend — the results while being mostly the work of Mel’nikova Anastasia with a little help of Tavana and myself is the revised DiabloRL 0.4.5, being a feature complete rendition of the first four levels of original Diablo. Work is already progressing on the next version, that will finally open the stairs to the catacombs!

Other ventures

I barely had time to focus on other directions, and while some work on other projects has been done nothing tangible is yet to be shown as a result. Neko and C++ based projects had little dev time, but on the up-side, I’ve ran a Lua course, thanks to which my Lua-fu skills have risen considerably. Details on projects started, and projects rumored will be enclosed in the next post, after New Year’s Eve.

‘Till then, happy New Year 2011!


Mrazerty · 30 December 2010, 16:16

This might’ve been a crappy year for CF, but I think it still rocks just as much as years ago when I joined. :D So let 2011 be a more awesome year!
As soon as I get myself a job & a visa, I’ll promise to become a supporter!

Happy new year guys!

thelaptop · 30 December 2010, 17:05

Only word I have between now and after New Year’s Eve: