DoomRL 2 tile only?

12 January 2010

The tile announcement has made a big fuss! That made me even more anxious about the tiles release, and made me think about the additional features that it can bring. Unfortunately, I had to scrap some of them due to compatibility with the ASCII version. DoomRL 1.0.0 will have an ASCII mode… but DoomRL 2?

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DoomRL vs. DoomRL 2

5 November 2009

The moment the idea of DoomRL 2 became accepted, questions have arisen what is the final scope of DoomRL. I’ll try to adress this question in this post.

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Thoughts about DoomRL Arena...

1 November 2009

Not many know, but version of DoomRL had an Arena mode — not a Hell Arena thingy, but a true Quake 3 Arena style bot play. It featured both team-play as well as deathmatch on a random level with random item spawns. Unfortunately due to the various internal changes in DoomRL this mode has been abandoned. I often come back to that idea though, because it was really fun. Is it lost for good?

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DoomRL 0.9.9 released... what next?

18 October 2009

If you missed the news (how could you?) DoomRL 0.9.9 has been released, and is available for download now! The other news is my 26th birthday today!

Hence, a (rather modest) post about the future would be in order, wouldn’t it?

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