Thoughts about DoomRL Arena...

1 November 2009

Not many know, but version of DoomRL had an Arena mode — not a Hell Arena thingy, but a true Quake 3 Arena style bot play. It featured both team-play as well as deathmatch on a random level with random item spawns. Unfortunately due to the various internal changes in DoomRL this mode has been abandoned. I often come back to that idea though, because it was really fun. Is it lost for good?

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Not at all! I came up with an idea to start DoomRL 2 development from an Arena style of play, and then extend the engine with other features. DoomRL 2 will be a lot more thought through than DoomRL and Arena will be one of the many modes of play.

What will Arena mode allow? As for now I plan only play vs. bots, however somewhere out there is the idea of player vs. player deathmatch. Still need to find an idea to make it dynamic enough though…

There will be both team-play as well ass free-for-all, with a possible CTF mode. Levels will either be generated, used pregenerated, or custom by players.

One thing that I’d really like to see is making a DoomRL screensaver that plays random deathmatch games. Believe me, the Arena mode was really fun to watch on full-speed… the Arena turning red ;)


Madtrixr · 1 November 2009, 16:52

Dude, yes. That sounds amazing