DoomRL vs. DoomRL 2

5 November 2009

The moment the idea of DoomRL 2 became accepted, questions have arisen what is the final scope of DoomRL. I’ll try to adress this question in this post.

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DoomRL 2 is not only going to be DoomRL expanded further. It’s going to be redesigned with a little different scope in mind. It will be more complex (but retaining the speed and streamline of play), although still having modes for “quick play”.

Some of the features planned for DoomRL will make appearance only in DoomRL 2. Campaign mode for example has been moved to DoomRL 2. However it is not my intention to induldge in DoomRL 2 features at this moment… be patient ;).

The major question is what features will appear in DoomRL 1.0. Most importantly I’m all set to doing the tiles version. This is a must for version 1.0. Secondly, I hope to finally implement game replays. Third main goal is opening DoomRL 1.0 for modding.

Many minor things will be added to increase the variety of the game levels, some things will be rewriten for stability. However, from this point on, any radical changes are included in the plans for the sequel.

So when will we see DoomRL 2 first beta? Depends on many factors… but you can help out to motivate me by posting a bounty ;-)


analogface · 6 November 2009, 05:11

May I hope a Berserk! sequel? :)

Kornel Kisielewicz · 6 November 2009, 05:16

Nope, but a rewrite is highly possible and even demanded :P