ChaosForge PC!

24 November 2009

With over $1600 gathered from donations alone in a time period of less than two months, I finally have a stable PC again! ChaosForge regulars proved to be great people indeed! A big thanks to all that donated, with a special thanks to thelaptop, Tavana and Kaz!

· · ·

It will take me some time to set everything up, but work has already been resumed. Also, now a sensible platform for StarDreamer-related work is finally available. I really conted on getting some of the cash from the donation drive, but I didn’t expect it actually meeting the target… I’m… touched.

Now I need to get somewhere a ChaosForge sticker printed, to mark the PC as ChaosForge property.

Thanks again to everyone who donated, in no special order : Tavana, thelaptop, wolis, Tinman, Egor, olberg, So_1337, PFL, Iltavuo, Mazinkaiser, zaimoni, rax, nomad, t0nedude, dying_sphynx, Wyglif, Sitoutumaton, Guillaume Voisine, Michael Stevens, Davidek, Tupeco, Gulthorpe, Burzmali, Tloo-ZaRaZa, Madtrixr, Hjassan, Passionario and MaiZure!