Tales from the Forge

22 April 2010

While the blog was silent, the smiths at the Forge were busy. As most of the developments currently happen out of sight of the public, I decided that a short update is in order…

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Surprisingly work on AliensRL is on full steam now! Since the last time I blogged about it, 4 Beta versions have appeared at the Beta Testing topic, and tons of text have been exchanged pondering on it’s future. One thing is for sure — soon AliensRL won’t be that simple-minded and empty roguelike that it was on 7DRL release day. However, I’m not willing to sacrifice it’s streamlineness either.

Many people have suggested, that with the right treatment AliensRL could become even more addictive and interesting than DoomRL, and I strongly believe that. Missions, non-trivial level layouts, streamlined but tactical combat, and the sense of horror and danger will be it’s strong points.

AliensRL - Office space?

AliensRL page has been revisited — expect a formal release in May, or head out and join the Beta Team !


In the far East progress is rumbling — I must admit that more in the hands of “you” than me :). Probably soon a feature list for the 0.4.5 release will be solidified and a release will be scheduled. In the meantime, you can also take a look at the revisited DiabloRL webpage.

DiabloRL - you can play with the character view open...


One might think, that with all these happenings DoomRL has been put on hold? Well, quite on the contrary — today marks the day that I made a drastic change to DoomRL’s timing system, that finally allowed the Tiles version to move forward. Benefits from it will be seen by ASCII players too… just take a look at this madness…

DoomRL - BFG Unleashed


As you can see, the Forge has been busy… While on the official front there are no announcements yet, there seems to be a chain of releases comming up… stay tuned, and help out the striving donation drive !


Brooks · 23 April 2010, 00:18

What’s going on with Berserk?? I saw a photo of BerserkRL with tiles on twitter, it looked awesome! I’d kill for an update! I still can’t believe what’s going on in the manga

you · 10 May 2010, 08:58

diablorl webpage link leads to aliensrl page