Follow ChaosForge on Twitter!

22 March 2010

I’ve recently set up two Twitter accounts and it seems I’m quite fond of the medium.

ChaosForge @ Twitter (chaosforge_org)

Will be low traffic and will contain important chaosforge related news. Also some intermediate news about an upcoming release might be posted there (and only there!). The feed is also presented on the main site. Will not be used for discussion, just for announcements.

Kornel Kisielewicz @ Twitter (epyoncf)

This will be a more high-traffic account, with details on what I currently work on (and probably the #1 source for the latest happenings). This is my personal account, so feel free to @me through it. A feed from it is posted on the blog. Any ideas, announcements or updates that are too small (or I have too little time) to be made into a blog post will be posted to Twitter.

Feel free to follow :).

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