AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

6 December 2009

As DoomRL 2 is finally treated as a real project, it’s time to move to work on the Neko library. While I won’t divulge in what Neko is, I wan’t everyone interested to answer the question : AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

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One of these games is going to get some special love in the upcoming months. One of them will become the testing grounds for Neko, the engine on which DoomRL 2 will be built. I’m sure I want a test-project to work on before DoomRL 2 hits the road, so I might as well resurrect one of my abandoned children.

Will it be AliensRL? I strongly believe this game has potential. Not much work more and it could come close to DoomRL’s popularity. Many value it’s atmosphere and specific gameplay.

Or maybe DiabloRL? While it was a joke-project, many people want me to continue it. I’m aware however, that I’ll never be able to give it as much heart as people want — it’s a fully “remake” project, with not much original invention from my side.

Or finally, maybe Berserk!? Out of those three, it’s probably the least popular, however the closest one to my heart… And the one that I silently cheer for.

The fate of these games is in your hands now.


Mrazerty · 7 December 2009, 15:19

Hmm… I’m hesitating between AlienRL and BerserkRL personally.
BerserkRL maybe. Cause it’s so close to your heart :)

Tavana · 8 December 2009, 03:36

Personally, I was all DiabloRL all the way. But then I thought “wait, if you start coding it, it might go closed source again, and then I can’t code it once you complete Neko” so, I reckon BerserkRL, as it’s your favourite. Once you’ve got Neko going, you can test it on AliensRL, and then move on to DoomRL 2.

Erich T. Wade · 4 January 2010, 02:31

BerserkRL is above and beyond my favorite of those three. I lost days to that game, and would be delighted to see it progress.

Adamsk · 4 January 2010, 03:07

AliensRL all the way, guy. Good luck on developing Neko, whichever of the three you end up deciding on.

rapid4me · 12 January 2010, 02:56

I also cannot choose between AlienRL and BerserkRL …

Komachi Haruka · 15 January 2010, 07:50

DiabloRL. Even with closed source it will be the best roguelike ever.