To know the future is to be trapped by it

11 December 2005

So much for my bold plan to make three releases ‘till the end of the year. I must tone down. I guess I’ll focus on the one that will make most people happy – DoomRL 0.9.9. Will I make at least that?

Time is running away. As usual, I’m starring in a race, that I’m doomed to loose. Too much activities take my time away. At least tomorrow I’m going to get rid of a commercial webpage design project that was taking my time up to now. Still, much university work is left unfinished, and I way behind my Japanese lessons. All that precious time lest is wasted on unproductive but time-hungry day-to-day activities. What a pain.

Above that, three new project ideas are cluttering up my mind and my desk. No, not roguelikes. I guess that with the release of Carceri, my roguelike quest will be over. Time to move on, I already achieved all I wanted in the ASCII world. Which doesn’t mean that I will forget all I learned here… But my farawell to roguelikes is a topic for a much longer post.

Now I’m sleepy. So I say farawell to thee, dearest reader, as I pass away into the faraway dreamland of my mind’s eye.


Slash · 12 December 2005, 14:39 I hope to release CastlevaniaRL 1.1e before the end of year; so let\'s see who suceeds on this relase-before-end-of-year plan! ;)

Strangely, I am embarking into some others non-RL projects as well... However, I still have OfficeRL to be finished, and of course there is Guardian Angel, speaking of which I have collected a lot of paperwork into an unified design doc, which may enable me to resume work on it.