Alive again!

3 September 2006

Finally! Today I’ve spent a day on serious DoomRL coding. I finally finished porting DoomRL to the new Valkyrie library (some clean up left) and completed about two thirds of the Difficulty Levels code. At last some real work and not just that boring refactoring stuff!

Anyway, I hope this is a turning point in my productivity. I feel realy hyped now, because of the work done. Tommorow I’ll probably try to tackle Lua support.

Before 0.9.9 is out, there will be a few closed beta versions, mostly due to the fact that all this refactoring might have produced some nasty bugs that I don’t want the world to worry about. The versions will be discussed in a private board on the forum, if you want to beta-test — just ask.


Aerton · 3 September 2006, 11:54 Good to hear! Looks like the rest and travel was a good thing for you.