200 km/h In The Wrong Lane

28 November 2006

Finally, after a year, a new version of DoomRL has been released! A lot of things now happen, and life is like 200km/h on the wrong lane. There is a new ChaosForge forum and work on DiabloRL has been restarted (see the forum for the beta test versions — you need to register to see the beta tests subforum). More and more ideas come spinning into my mind, and life suddenly is full of colors. Expect to see a lot of releases, and often, from now on!


ondra · 7 December 2006, 13:07 Hi, it\'s nice to hear these news. By the way, I wasn\'t able to subscribe to your blog\'s RSS feed - there seems to be some problem with it.
Kornel Kisielewicz · 7 December 2006, 13:13 Uh, I should\'ve guessed -- after the move to the new server something got broken with wordpress... but now I got an incentive to fix that -- I didn\'t think anyone\'s reading this anymore :).
Aerton · 29 December 2006, 19:36 I you would write more often, it would be read more.
Kornel Kisielewicz · 29 December 2006, 19:57 Duh, probably true, but I have nothing to write about :/.
Michał Bieliński · 30 December 2006, 05:54 Actually, it isn\'t as bad as it may seem. at least I can keep up to date. :) Something with this blog is not working, the username I received in email doesn\'t exists but somehow my email is used by some user.

Ah, don\'t let yourself think that nobody is reading. ,, I can see what you see not `` - remember this? We\'re still there but sometimes have nothing worthy to leave as a comment.