19 November 2007

I won’t die so easily! This blog seems probably dead by now, I know. Half of the reason is that beacause of Google Summer of Code there weren’t many things happening at ChaosForge, and the other half is probably my own laziness as usual. Yet, I plan to ressurect this blog. I know how much such a statement can fall into vanity however, so “no promises”.

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To add reason to this post, I guess a summary of what is happening at ChaosForge is in order.

Todays news is the release of Berserk! 0.8.5 — be warned, however, that this is an unstable and untested release. I have quite nice plans for Berserk! (you can get a glimpse at the ChaosForge forums) but not all of them depend strictly on me.

DoomRL is at version, and there were already two beta’s for the version released for the beta testers. The biggest pain is the need to rewrite three major systems — vision, AI and dungeon generation. The good news is that the item code was already rewritten. Some benefits of that will be seen in the next version.

DiabloRL has been open sourced, and I don’t expect to work on it… UNLESS someone picks it up from sourceforge, and starts working on it himself — I’m sure to provide all the needed support for such a person, and even resume development on it.

AliensRL is in a state of stasis right now, but I hope to pick it up soon, just like I did now with Berserk!.

There’s also the secret project under the name StarDreamer. Code is being written, and art created. Hang on, you’ll hear more about it soon.

I hope to resume posting here, I really do. GSoC has eaten the energy out of me for the summer, and a few months after that. Time to ressurect from the ashes ;]

Sorry for the bad english in this post, but hell, I’m tired and it’s so late…