Silence before the Storm...

25 December 2009

The year 2009 is coming to an end, and already I’m thinking about it, judging it, smiling at it, and wondering about the future. I feel somehow thanks to someone this has been a year of rebirth for ChaosForge. And while this rebirth isn’t plainly visible yet, I hope it will be so at the beginning of 2010…

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I don’t want to turn this post into a traditional new years post, however, there are so many things on my mind as for now, that I probably have to type down at least some of them now, not to go crazy later.

DoomRL development is on track and going fast. One the one hand we have the current beta being tested ( BETA 1), with the second beta hitting the supporter forum probably even before New Year’s eve. On the other, some long awaited feature is being developed concurrently, and while it may not be ready for release (which will probably happen in the beginning of February), I hope to release a draft in the first quarter of 2010. The supporters already know what it is, and they’ll be the first to test it).

Other roguelike games are waiting for the Neko library, which while slowly, is being developed, but as second priority to DoomRL. Thanks goes here to Melon, and Tavana for joining in, maybe you‘d like to be next? I plan to get it ready for the next 7DRL event, and write a roguelike using it for that occasion. I also hope to get a same-level Berserk! release using Neko in the first quarter.

Yes, Berserk! was chosen as the roguelike to be a testbed for Neko, with the poll results surprisingly placing it in a tie with AliensRL. The tie was broken by my personal bias.

However, those are details, compared to the big picture. In the big picture I’m playing around with the thought of buying a MacBook — for several reasons:

  1. finally having Mac releases of ChaosForge titles on a regular basis
  2. providing me with the possibility of working on transit (I recently noticed how much time I waste in transit, and while away from home)
  3. and finally… I’m playing around with the idea to develop games for the iPhone

The last one may seem somehow of a shock, but I’ll probably write why I’m thinking about that in one of the later posts.

It’s getting late, I’ll probably stop this post now. ‘Till next time!