If you follow me, the entire world will be a battlefield

22 February 2006

Exams aren’t over yet, I just need to spit out at least a fraction of the myriard of thoughts that take my mind under siege. The 28th marks the deadline of the last project (compiler) and the day of the last exam. I won’t be free untill the 15th of march tough.


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Yet, there are thousands of ideas bashing my consciousness. Game projects, ideas, things to work at, education, etc, etc. Feels like my mind is going to explode. And yet, I spend most of the day weeping at how much things I want to do. Paradoxical? Maybe, but for me it’s a standard.

Looking forward, I see my life as a constant battlefield, a place where all the ideas wage constant war for my attention. And each one of them looses. I forfeited doing more roguelikes, yet there are several new ideas in that field to explore. Ever thought of FalloutRL?

My last tribiute to the Roguelike scene will probably be the ressurection of YARNS — that is the creation of a Roguelike News site. Fortunately I have a few people willing to help me with that. That time is yet to come, tough.

My thoughts revolve constantly around GenRogue (which I refer to now by a proper new name, yet to be announced), yet I promise myself not to write about it. For the more I write about it the more it forces me and others to believe that it’s Vaporware. And the more I talk about it, the less I do about it.

Recent events, and a carefull observation of the DoomRL forum community made me change my mind upon one thing, tough : working alone was good in case of small projects — yet, if I want to do something bigger, I need people to support me. DoomRL gave me the advantage, that I can show that I CAN create something, and that working with me is not a waste of time. Yet, good teams don’t grow on trees ;-).

Oh, and of course the biggest event that happened recently is the arrival of Derek Yu at the DoomRL forums, and the brilliant tiles he presented. I understood, that DoomRL needs tiles if it’s to count on more popularity than it has now. A great goal for the 1.0.0 release. And my first teamwork. Thanks Derek, even tough we didn’t start working together yet, you showed me the way. But a long way it is.

Standing here, and looking at the battlefield before me, leaves me no other option — time to charge right into it, and let fury do the rest…


Igor Savin · 26 February 2006, 20:41 I hope you\'ll help me with the Valkyrie after The Day :)). *of course I\'d need some time to formulate list of what is unclear too :)*

There are four ideas floating around me lately: two of them are large and VDL-dependant; first is the one you know about ;). Second one is Berserk-inspired Final Fantasy Tactics style mercenary game (probably vapourware). Third and fourth ones are minors: lil\' and simple ASCII strategy which I\'m chopping now and then when I have spare time to put my mind at ease from history and english studies ;). And yes, fourth - successor to the MyADoM - *ta-dam!*: \"rlRL: So You Want To Be a Hero?\", featuring Pascal-or-C-or-Java, \"to OOP or not to OOP\" dilemmas, as well as 7DRLs and other goodies ;).

(yes, as always - me programming means me being depressed. And I can\'t write letters :(. Not that I \"sound stupid\", it\'s just me missing the point entirely. I just don\'t quite understand what\'s going on).

Take care. You\'ve still got great battles to fight ;).
Kornel Kisielewicz · 26 February 2006, 21:08 > I hope you
Igor Savin · 26 February 2006, 22:16 \\actually the title of this post is a
Slash · 3 March 2006, 23:42 A battlefield inside one\'s own mind... seems like a familiar scenario for me... add personal issues with girls and feelings, and that sort of important-irrelevant things, to that equation and the security fuse inside the brain breaks and you have to shutdown.

This years 7DRL made me realize I am tired of roguelikes... I will take a major break once the challenge finishes and get into something else, perhaps finishing my civ clone or at least doing a serious work on it.

You must not be so sure when you talk about \'your last contribution\', you never know.. this world spins a lot ;)

DoomRL is surely a nice presentation card for you, I hope CRL someday gets half of its popularity, altough I wonder if that will be even possible... somehow your game attracts people without requiring you to make efforts for it.

Hope your exams are going allright ;)