A beginning is a very delicate time

17 November 2005

In Poland we have a saying, that translates “There are such moments in the life of a turtle, that he must smack someone in the face”. Well, there are such moments in the life of a CS-student, that he wants to set up a blog. Don’t ask me why, for I do not know. What I do know is that I can’t go on like that with the chaos of a thousand ideas storming through my mind, each of them screaming for my attention, and each of them calling me names, so much annoyed that I do not seem to comprehend, that THEY are the most important idea of them all. So many projects, so little time. Got a lifetime to spare?

What can one expect in this memorial, this visual representation of my mindstate? Well, I guess these pages will be filled with content that in it’s entirety won’t be suitable for anyone, except me. I’ll post about anything that fills my mind at the spur of the moment, which can be literally anything, starting from technical roguelike project ideas, browsing through artwork, closing in on poetry and literature, and finaly crashing against the concrete wall of lifes philosophy.

Well then, the die are cast. I wonder how this will work out. I wonder wether it’ll help me. I wonder wether it’ll grip Your interest, reader. I wonder.