Looking for the next great idea

21 November 2005

Finally found an hour of spare time. As usual my mind is overwhelmed with the myriard of possibilities. I need to find a way to prioritize what I need to do. And ad-hoc decision was made – I promised a new version of DoomRL to be available ‘till the end of the year.

I launched Lazarus, made myself a hot tee, dusted away DoomRL’s sources and… spent and hour trying to make DoomRL compile at all. I don’t know what is the reason — the new FPC 2.0.0, some broken links, hell knows. And hell knows why it finally compiled. I give credit for this mess to Lazarus, I hope it’s not FPC’s fault… Still, I hate when I don’t know why something doesn’t work…

Well, enough rambling. DoomRL compiles, and it awaits some new features.