I see plans within plans

22 November 2005

Plans within plans — I aim high as for the end of the year. Now as I look on what I have planned to accomplish ‘till the end of the year, I’m starting to wonder wether I’ll accomplish even a small part of it. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but on the other hand DiabloRL was made in seven. The major goals I’ve set for myself:

- DoomRL version 0.9.9 — with enough interesting features to make it as remarkable release as 0.9.8 was compared to 0.9.7. That may be tricky considering what an impact Sound had on DoomRL gameplay. – DiabloRL version 0.5.0 — I promised a few people that DiabloRL will be continued and I strive to keep my promise. Things planned for 0.5.0 are general Lua integration, classes, quest system, magic and ranged combat. – Carceri version 0.2.0 — This is probably the project I spend most of my brainpower on, and at the same time do the least work. I keep focusing on the engine idea, forgetting that Carceri is meant to be a game-platform. I need to focus on creating a working, playable and enjoyable demo module. – Valkyrie version 0.2.0 — Due to popular demand I intend to release Valkyrie under GNU GPL. The problem is, that Valkyrie is not ready to be shown to the public. Many things included are obsolete (and are an effect of my prior poor FreePascal knowledge), others need to be redesigned… people willing to test Valkyrie would be real helpful here. – GenRogue teaser material — fnord — you’re not cleared to know that.

I’m afraid I will have to drop some of there. Only 5 weeks left, and I didn’t make any significant progress in any of those past the last month…


Igor Savin · 22 November 2005, 22:55 Maybe you should create checklists \"What\'s left to do\" for your projects? Then you\'ll have clearer vision of the amount of work left... And there would be less time spent thinking \"What should I do next\" :)). With sublists; all in all something similar to \"Slaves to Amok\"\" Plan.

* 1. Create a working, playable and enjoyable demo module.
* 1.a. Pass 100 turns-no crash limit.
* 1.b. Pass 100 turns-test_subject_makes_no_attempt to_run_away_from_computer limit.
* 1.b.a Interesting combat
* 1.b.a.a Variety of strategical options
* 1.b.a.a.a Implement Bullet-dodging.
* 1.b.a.a.b Implement Thrown weapon skill and item throwing.

Kornel Kisielewicz · 22 November 2005, 23:32 I use ToDoList for that. I think I may make my ToDoList public someday. It grows gigantic tough :-(.
Slash · 2 December 2005, 19:29 I use a gigantic spreadsheet for that... it is more than enough with its filtering features...

CRL owes its life to that list... the project was dead, until ABCGi made some Listable suggestions and the development went onward... Up to now there have been 171 RFEs and 56 Bug Reports..

Guardian Angel, on the other hand, as never seen such a list, and its development keeps being pushed away. Sometimes we work as automatons that need to be fed with a task list.