In search of a new home

23 November 2005

Well, it has happened. Today I ordered a paid server. 3 GB diskspace, 25 GB transfer, PHP, MySQL, mail, domain name registration included. The only downside is a 20MB cap on a single database… but thanks to that the service was quite cheap.

I wonder how much 25GB/monthly actually is. I hope it will be enough. If not, I will have to consider upgrading of the service. The only thing that may pose problems here is my downloads. But, if all goes well, DoomRL and DiabloRL will get their own homes, hosted by a Polish fantasy portal. Maybe they’ll even give me a mirror download for my other projects.

As for the domain name, I applied for, I hope it will not be taken when they actually register it. Other names I considered were,,,… but most of them had some inherent disadvantages. Chaosforge sounds nice IMHO, and is suprisingly Google-friendly for a trademark. Too bad that was taken…