Spam me, baby

24 November 2005

Hell, some things make me mad. I just checked my e-mail’s provider website, and noticed the spam folder. Browsing through those 1700 messages I discovered about 30 DoomRL-related e-mails! Moreover I found a couple gearhead-dev messages by Joseph Hewitt! And that was just the spam from 30 days (older spam is trashed)…

Considering the fact that I havn’t checked that folder for about a half a year, estimatedly 150 DoomRL fanmail got trashed. I wanted to know why.

Well it turned out that my e-mail provider is completely Poland-centric and reports as spam ALL e-mail from sites like yahoo, hotmail,, etc. I need a new e-mail provider. Or I’ll turn spam-cheking and let Thunderbird handle it — for it handles Spam a lot better…

What a pain.


Aerton · 26 November 2005, 07:13 That hurts :(
Spam filter with so many false positives is worse than so filter at all.