A new home

26 November 2005

Well, as you probably noticed, I finally recieved the server, and more importantly got my requested domain chaosforge.org. I feel like I would literally aquire a new home — plenty of ideas for new furnishings, brushing up the old things and placing them how I like to see them. Well, this house has much more space in it, and definitively I can start thinking about furniture that up to day was out of my reach.

· · ·

I’ve got a 2GB server with possibility of multiple users (hosting, anyone?), a MySQL database (unfortunately just single-user, and a 1GB mail server (anyone interested in a login@chaosforge.org e-mail adress?).

This blog has already been moved, as you noticed. Also I started to set up the DoomRL Wiki here — it will be accessible in a day or two. As for DoomRL’s forum (and website), I will wait until the people that promised me hosting contact me — as good as this server is, theirs is probably better. Moreover I’ll save bandwidth for other projects. DiabloRL is also going to be hosted by them. That leaves Carceri, GenRogue and Valkyrie to be hosted here — neither of them has a proper webpage tough. Unfortunately that isn’t top-priority for me now.

Carceri’s webpage, as I envision it, will be a huge brag to code. After some thoughts I decided that doing everything from scratch is wasting time — time that could be spend on programing Carceri. I will probably install and modify Drupal to suit my needs.

Also I want to host and help a few people — like redesigning GearHead’s webpage. I think that how it is now it unfortunately scares-away people from downloading GearHead — for the website suggests that GH is a small simple amateurish game — which we know it isn’t. GH downloads are regulary down, so I guess Joseph could use a good mirror, and when I won’t have to worry about DoomRL I’ll have some bandwidth to spare.

Another thing that’s running through my mind is the ressurection of RLNews. Yup, you heard it right. Just like in the time between RLNews’s downfall, and the creation of YARNS, the community is lacking a central newssite. Ilya, I’m counting on you.

Well, enough bragging — it’s 6:30 in the morning, and I guess I could use some sleep. Good night…


Aerton · 26 November 2005, 07:30 Congratulations for getting a new home! And the domain name is nice.
As for RLN, I\'ll be glad to help.
Slash · 1 December 2005, 00:32 Certainly, the GH website need some serious help... It looks like some of my old geocities sites I made around 8 years ago when I was still collecting Dragon Ball jpgs

About the resurrection of RLNews, do you still have in mind that project we talked once (a long time ago)... rgrd.org? do you remember?

I will be glad to team with you and make it real... I develop in J2EE, and could help in designing the site... I think it is a real need for the genre, as the RogueBasin has a different and complementary mission
Kornel Kisielewicz · 1 December 2005, 17:02 Well, the answer can be only one - \"So many projects, so little time\"... Yeah, I do remember the rgrd.org project idea, but remember that our comunity isn\'t so \"comune\" after all... But I do count on your help when we ressurect RLNews...

BTW, welcome to my blog, Santiago, nice of you to drop in! :-D.