Kill all enemies and I shall reward thee

27 November 2005

Recognize the title? If so, that prooves you’re a die-hard DoomRL player.

A couple weeks ago, Malek from the DoomRL forum came up with an idea to set up a DoomRL wiki to help documenting (and spoiling) the game. He even set up a wiki on a free site for that. Unfortunately the provider realy sucked (as all free php/mySQL providers…), so I decided to help him and taking advantage of my new home, host it on

I even spent half an hour modifying the standard MediaBook theme to a more “doomish” feel. I’m quite proud of the result, especialy given such short time to achieve it.

Well, without further ado, I announce DoomRL Wiki!


Slash · 1 December 2005, 00:26 The DoomRL wiki looks very nice, hope you can get enough support from the ever growing DoomRL community!