My code grows tentacles

30 November 2005

Oh my, this is scary. My code grows tentacles. No, seriously. I was browsing the DoomRL forum, when my eyes set on a recent message by an Anonymous user. It read:

When I press the comma key, the game prompts me on the direction to run but it never seems to work. How do you run?

My first reaction was — “Silly, the run command isn’t implemented yet!”. Then I recalled, that Ilya was always asking me about a run command in DoomRL. Then it struck me — “Great idea! I’ll implement that in the next version! That can’t be too hard…”. Satisfied I noted that in my ToDo list.

Some time afterwards I launched DoomRL. Lead by some unseen force I looked at the help screen. Suddenly my face went pale — a run command. With shaking hands I issued the key, and direction. It worked. Hell, it worked.

There is only one explanation. My code grows tentacles. Who knows what it will grow next? I am afraid, very afraid…