New look and new energy!

10 October 2009

So finally the new DoomRL website went public, and the new forums are already getting attention. Probably it’s time to announce the revival of this blog, but it would be a big shame to do that with the last post being written 649 days ago, would it?

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The new looks are not just for show — ChaosForge is starting to move. Apart from the planned revival of all the projects (keep a keen eye out!), there’s also a bold plan to go commercial with StarDreamer — chances are not big, but not slim either! Also, any day now, word about a sequel to a well known roguelike will begin to spread… but before that, shhh, keep quiet ;).

DoomRL 0.9.9 is about to go public. Once that is done, work on further versions will start immediately — with a separate branch for the long awaited graphics version. The other major planned feature is DoomRL modability, keep your eyes open!

DiabloRL is probably going to get a rewrite in C++ using the new Neko library. Hopefully AliensRL will follow. As for Berserk! I have a yet undecided plan to rewrite it in Flash, but that is as yet undecided.

So what’s going to happen next? Well, who knows, but this is the place you’ll learn about it first, because it’s going to be updated now a lot more often. So subscribe and keep an eye out for the winds of change on ChaosForge!


Aki · 10 October 2009, 21:22

Woot! Yay for Chaosforge!

/me hoists the DooMRL Flag

Kornel Kisielewicz · 10 October 2009, 22:05

Hoist the colors high!

Tavana · 11 October 2009, 00:49

Woot for DiabloRL! And to Flash Berserk!: “What you say?” Up to you, I won’t complain as long as it remains in ASCII.

Glad to see you’re losing yourself in Chaos again.