DoomRL - Linux, Snapshots and Macintosh possibility

13 October 2009

Thanks to Michalis Kamburelis I now have access to daily Linux DoomRL snapshots from SVN, probably also Windows ones soon. This made me wonder, do people want to have access to such a thing?

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The daily snapshots are generated automatically from SVN sources of DoomRL and Valkyrie at 2.00 GMT. Not only this allows me for a quick access to a live DoomRL version, but it seems like something that people might enjoy.

I thought that it might be one more incentive to donate — probably only for top donators. Is access to always up-to-date DoomRL version something people would enjoy enough to provide an incentive to donate more? No idea.

However, one thing is sure — there won’t be problems with linux versions anymore — from now on, BETA’s for donators and beta-team will be provided for both platforms!

Also, another topic has risen here — Michalis has told me, he could try to compile DoomRL under MacOS X. Anyone interested?


Gradir · 13 October 2009, 23:05

I guess ‘tis be a fair idea to bring more donations. Could help, yep. And top donators would surely enjoy such gratitudes

Aki · 14 October 2009, 00:38

Agreed with your idea.

Tavana · 14 October 2009, 02:10

Not interested in the MacOS X, but the SVN DoomRL could be promising. On the otherhand, it might be more trouble than it’s worth. Keeping track of which version people are playing on could become a pain in the butt if bugs crop up with only one version, for example.

I’d been keen to see this done with Berserk! and DiabloRL in the future, though, if it works out.

Kornel Kisielewicz · 14 October 2009, 07:46

You would have a special version tag (