Surprise, DiabloRL ressurected!

24 January 2010

Even I didn’t expect that! A mysterious girl appeared on the forums and brought with herself DiabloRL 0.43 . This brought enough boost for myself to also commit a little time to our old roguelike friend…

· · ·

So it came to be that there was a great revolution in the burning hells. The three prime evils, Epyon, Haruka-san and Tavana were banished into the mortal realm to finish the development of the long abandoned DiabloRL.

The main coding strength comes from our Haruka-san a.k.a. “you” on the forums. I joined in to clean up some of the mess that has been in DiabloRL for ages, and to make the codebase use the newer Valkyrie features. Tavana helps with organization and code control.

Soon DiabloRL’s website will get a similar facelift as DoomRL has got. I’m sure I’ll stick around a little to get a nice version 0.5.0 out, while trying not to allow DiabloRL to derail me from my major task now — DoomRL tile version.

Expect to hear from DiabloRL’s Dev Team soon!


MDM · 24 January 2010, 21:54