Sandbox - DoomRL modding advent

25 February 2010

There’s been a gap in my recent activity, and today I sat down to make up for it. DoomRL is just around the corner, and in fact I released Release Candidate 1 for the Supporters today. The big news however is that literally an hour before RC 1 release an unexpected feature crept in, that I actually wanted to keep away for the time being…

· · ·

The title says it all — DoomRL now has a modding sandbox to play with. While still not true modding (the sandbox is quite restricted) still there’s a lot of possibilities to enjoy, and a playground for future DoomRL modders to learn on.

So what are the restrictions? Basically you can do just one pre-created level — the game starts, your level is loaded, once you die or leave the level the game immediately quits. No scores, no multiple levels, no random generators and no mortems.

However, in that sandbox, the whole current DoomRL Lua API is to your disposal. You can create new items, new enemies, probably also to a degree new traits although that might be tricky. DoomRL Arena is an example that you can create quite complex levels even with that, and come to think of it, I think that you can do MUCH more.

One thing that I played around in my mind was an endless Arena mode with more and more waves of monsters, or even regenerating battlefield… and come to think of it, the power to create that is now in your hands…

What will you do with such power?

(DoomRL Sandbox is available since DoomRL RC 1, currently available to Supporters and Chaos crew, the public version will be available soon!)