ChaosForge 2009, post-mortem

31 December 2009

Traditionally, I’ll split the New Year’s post into two — the past, and the future. Well it should be traditional, but it wasn’t, for 2008 was a very bad year for ChaosForge. This year however, was busy, yet not as busy as I know would like it to be..

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Silence before the Storm...

25 December 2009

The year 2009 is coming to an end, and already I’m thinking about it, judging it, smiling at it, and wondering about the future. I feel somehow thanks to someone this has been a year of rebirth for ChaosForge. And while this rebirth isn’t plainly visible yet, I hope it will be so at the beginning of 2010…

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AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

6 December 2009

As DoomRL 2 is finally treated as a real project, it’s time to move to work on the Neko library. While I won’t divulge in what Neko is, I wan’t everyone interested to answer the question : AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

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ChaosForge PC!

24 November 2009

With over $1600 gathered from donations alone in a time period of less than two months, I finally have a stable PC again! ChaosForge regulars proved to be great people indeed! A big thanks to all that donated, with a special thanks to thelaptop, Tavana and Kaz!

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