11 December 2009

I will be often posting about Neko from now on… because all future plans of ChaosForge more or less depend on Neko. While most of the people reading the forum know it by know, and even people outside ChaosForge sometimes talk about it, I noticed that Neko did never receive a formal introduction…

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AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

6 December 2009

As DoomRL 2 is finally treated as a real project, it’s time to move to work on the Neko library. While I won’t divulge in what Neko is, I wan’t everyone interested to answer the question : AliensRL, Berserk! or DiabloRL?

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ChaosForge PC!

24 November 2009

With over $1600 gathered from donations alone in a time period of less than two months, I finally have a stable PC again! ChaosForge regulars proved to be great people indeed! A big thanks to all that donated, with a special thanks to thelaptop, Tavana and Kaz!

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DoomRL vs. DoomRL 2

5 November 2009

The moment the idea of DoomRL 2 became accepted, questions have arisen what is the final scope of DoomRL. I’ll try to adress this question in this post.

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Thoughts about DoomRL Arena...

1 November 2009

Not many know, but version of DoomRL had an Arena mode — not a Hell Arena thingy, but a true Quake 3 Arena style bot play. It featured both team-play as well as deathmatch on a random level with random item spawns. Unfortunately due to the various internal changes in DoomRL this mode has been abandoned. I often come back to that idea though, because it was really fun. Is it lost for good?

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Posted 1 November 2009, 16:09 by Kornel Kisielewicz · Comment [1]

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